What do I mean by bespoke Excel training?

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I offer bespoke Excel training (and tailored Power Query training), particularly to finance teams. But what do I mean by “bespoke”?

If you commission me to provide Excel or Power Query training, I will spend some time understanding your business processes. I’ll then use this to determine what the most useful areas of Excel are likely to be. I will create materials that mimic the sorts of challenges you have.

This will make it more likely that the training will be applied and remembered.

I also offer consultancy alongside, so that I can understand a specific issue that you might have and design a solution for it. I can then train the team in the techniques I’ve used to get there. This also means that your team can update and develop it in future.

My pre-course questionnaire will help us gauge where the team currently is, so that I don’t waste time explaining things that you already know.

I’m also really flexible about timings. I work (and charge) in units of half a day so I can work around your busy periods. Personally, I think the optimum way to deliver a day’s training is over two half days, with a gap in between. This allows the team to focus intensively over a shorter time, then some reflection time in between sessions. This is where they can relate their learning to their work and come back with specific questions for the second session. This is particularly the case when I provide Power Query training, because there’s a lot to take in!

Finally, I really think about the audience. I prefer to provide bespoke Excel training for finance teams, because I am an accountant and Finance Director and I really understand the types of Excel challenges that finance teams have. However, I have trained other users such as analysts and HR staff.

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