About me

I’m Jessica, an experienced finance professional and Excel geek. I live in Bristol, in the UK.

I’m a part time finance director and a freelance consultant and Excel trainer.

I’m passionate about technology and always want to make better use of it and encourage others to do the same. I’ve got lots of experience in leading systems implementation projects. However, I’m even more enthusiastic about using tools such as Power Query to transform our working lives.

You can find out more about my approach and philosophy from my blog, where I share thoughts, tips and experiences about a whole range of finance related subjects.

Freelance Services

Excel and Power Query – tailored training for your team

I provide Excel and Power Query training for teams which is tailored to your business and needs.

I also provide consultancy, by reviewing your existing uses of Excel and developing smarter solutions in Excel or Power Query to save you time.

Better still, and the way I prefer to work, is combining the two. I spend time with you and your team identifying where better use of Excel and other tools will make your lives better. I then design and run a training course for the team based on the areas we’ve identified.

System Implementation – support and advice

I can help you with an initial assessment of your use of business systems and what you might need going forward. If I think that you don’t need an expensive system, I will say so!

If you do decide you want a new system, I can work with your organisation on a part time basis at any stage, from designing a specification to post-implementation review. From hands-on tasks such as preparing data migration files to more strategic activity such as change management, I love every aspect of a systems implementation project.

Who I work with

I’ve worked for businesses and not-for-profit organisations in many sectors, including leisure and tourism, hospitality, housing and land management and construction.

In the last twelve years I have specialised in medium sized, growing entities (eg 200-300 employees, small finance teams) in both the private and charity sectors. The organisations I’ve worked for do very different things, but they have the same challenges; how to do less with more, how to keep on top of new legislation and regulations with a small core team, and how to do the basics right while creating space to grow.