Managing stress at work – what can employers do?

Managing stress at work is the responsibility of employers, and yet most search results on this topic focus on what employees should be doing to manage their own stress.

However, a couple of years ago I came across this guidance from the Health and Safety Executive. I think this, and in particular, the “Six Management Standards” is a really helpful tool for employers to assess and address the causes of stress at work.

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It’s not where you work, it’s how you work that matters.

I read a really great article a few weeks ago. Headlined “Why we need the office and why you might not realise it“, I agreed and disagreed with parts of it with equal vehemence.

In fact, it was often the same point I was agreeing with and disagreeing with. For example, I agree that human connection is really really really really important. However, I’m increasingly convinced that most offices are not automatically conducive to quality connections and fulfilling relationships. And I say this as an extrovert who really needs to be around people and values lots of casual interactions. That is, offices are designed around my needs as it is.

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Mental health in the workplace – the ACE approach

Managing mental health
Photo by Tayla Jeffs on Unsplash

Managing mental health in the workplace is really important to me. I want to be happy, and I want my teams and people I work with to be happy too. I once worked for a mental health charity and picked up a few tools for thinking about and managing wellbeing and mental health.

This post explains the ACE approach – Achieve, Connect, Enjoy. In one sentence – we need to achieve a balance of these things in our daily lives.

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