Power Query Training

I provide Power Query training in Bristol, other UK cities, and online via video-conferencing software.

I predominantly train finance teams and accountants but I have also trained other groups of people, for example data analysts and evaluation officers.

What is Power Query and why do I need it? Isn’t that for developers and serious data analysts, not small finance teams like us?

Power Query is a powerful add on to Excel. It allows you to take data from many different types of sources (including spreadsheets, databases and text files) and transform it into the format of data you need.

This isn’t just a data analysis tool – it’s got huge application to many transactional tasks within finance.

Do you ever have to take data that might not be in the best format for you (eg a CSV from the bank, a PDF of remittances) and manipulate it into a journal template? By setting up a Power Query, you can automate this task.

How about putting together a budget or updating forecasts? With Power Query, you can combine data from many sources (for example, spreadsheets from different budget holders) to create a master budget.

You can also use Power Query to talk directly to your accounting system and combine it with a budgeting spreadsheet. You can then create management reports with a simple “Refresh All”.

Basically, if you use Excel to do anything, the chances are Power Query will allow you to do it better.

As a finance professional, it has completely transformed the way I use Excel at every level.

Sounds complicated. My team are not advanced Excel users.

Power Query is not difficult to learn. The initial navigation can be a little confusing, which is why it is helpful to view a demonstration before diving in.

However, lots of tasks are easier in Power Query than they are in standard Excel. For example, if you need to extract data from a text file, you can do this in Power Query with a set of logical and intuitive steps. No formulas required. And you can then repeat the process again and again with a click of a button.

You also do not need to understand any code to be able to use Power Query effectively.

I’ve provided Power Query training to Excel users who are not data analysts and who have never touched SQL or VBA, but have immediately seen the benefits of learning Power Query.

Power Query training options

I provide a 90 minute “introduction to Power Query” session via video conference. This demonstration session costs £200 for up to 9 people and includes worked examples for you to play with. It’s suitable for people who have never used Power Query before.

I also do a half day in person course which covers the above material plus some more advanced features. This costs £400 plus travel if you’re not in the Bristol area.

I can also offer more in-depth Power Query training which I tailor to your business needs and deliver in half day and full day slots. It can be combined with Excel training. As with the Excel training, I can deliver this as part of a wider consultancy exercise, where I review your processes and then show your team how to build Power Query solutions to current issues. My day rate for this work is £700 per day.

Why pick me for Power Query training

I have several years of training experience, from teaching English to training teams in audit software.

As a working finance director, I also have real-world experience in a range of finance jobs, from transactional to reporting roles. I use this experience to design Power Query training courses that are useful and practical for accountants and finance teams. All the examples I use are drawn from real life finance tasks which makes the learning more engaging and effective.